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Traveling in Time / Podrozowanie w Czasie


Twice a year Governors Island hosts a party inspired by the style of 1920’ and early 30’s. Thousands of New Yorkers during these two weekends travel in time to the prohibition era. The founder and organizer of this event is Michael Arenella, who together with his orchestra created unique atmosphere as if from the times of Great Gatsby. The whole island transforms into a magical place where fringes, pearls and feathers reign and men are wearing bow ties, Panama skimmer hats and of course suspenders. Guests are dancing  to the jazz sounds while admiring Flapper’s dancers. The party has all kinds of competitions, beginning from dance competition to the best swimsuit contest. You can also take some nice photos in memorable style next to the old cars. The picnic lawn is surrounded by small shops and stands with vintage style clothing and accessories, for example fascinators and crochet umbrellas. In addition, cocktails are served in several stands, but unfortunately your own alcoholic beverages are prohibited. A day spent in a place where the history became present for a little while as well as the amazing people who really know how to have fun and feel the atmosphere made me completely forget about the reality and every day life :-) and I stayed in a good mood for a long time.

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“I will stop wearing black when they make a darker color” ;-) / “Przestane nosic czern kiedy wymysla ciemniejszy kolor” ;-)


I have to admit I’ve recently noticed that most clothes in my wardrobe are of dark colors. I was trying to find something more bright and colorful but without much success. Black, grey and navy occupy almost 80% of my closet. Even during the summer, when we should choose vibrant and lively colors that don’t attract too much sunlight, I still tend to choose the darker ones :-). However, I compensate with numerous accessories in vivid and rich colors and interesting texture. To liven up today’s outfit I chose a beige tote and sandals with beige elements. Even though the sunglasses are black, their unique, velvet frames are very original.

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Delicious Whole Wheat Tart with Plums / Pyszna Tarta ze Sliwkami z Pelnoziarnistej Maki


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Classic Look

gosia128Every woman needs in her wardrobe a few classic, timeless pieces. No matter what the current trends are we need a few basic clothes in toned, conservative colors. One of them is a basic knee length skirt which can go well with either black, white or neutral color top. You can wear classic black heels or choose something less formal like the grey suede ones I am wearing.

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An Idea for Friday ;-) / Pomysl na Piatek ;-)


_MG_7764Sometimes when you have no idea for a casual outfit, the best solution is to just put on a simple T-shirt and a pair of jeans. As usual, comfort is important for me so Birkenstock sandals are my best friend. A medium size bag with fringe ( still very fashionable ) will add a attractive accent to this basic look.

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Styles for Body Types / Ubiory dla Kazdej Figury



Many of us often face a challenge of matching the proper type of pants or dress to our body shapes. The clothes either don’t fit well, or they fit in the waist but are too narrow in the thighs or make our legs look shorter instead of elongating them and so on. We come back home from unsuccessful shopping hoping that the next time we’ll be more lucky. I’d like to show you that with some knowledge about body types, you will easily be able to choose clothes that will fit well and make you feel comfortable. Proper clothing should not only hide your weak points but also emphasize your advantages. Each one of us is beautiful regardless of age or size.

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Subtel Colors and Jeans / Subtelne Odcienie i Dzins



The summer this year is exceptionally hot and humid. Despite the fact that we would like to always look feminine and elegant it is difficult to wear high heels and not- so- comfortable formal attires. Occasionally  we can loosen up and wear something that will make us feel comfortable yet still look attractive. Linen and cotton are great choices, especially in toned and pastel colors. On chilly evenings you can add jeans jacket or shirt, light cardigan or even large scarf.

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Sale Season / Sezon Wyprzedazy

sale sign

Who doesn’t love sale? Personally, I  always try to buy good quality items but at affordable prices- I don’t like to overpay. New York is a great place for bargain hunting- sales are offered every two, three months, and usually stores have big sales at least twice a year: in the summer and winter, not to mention a multitude of sample sales – sales of ‘sample’ merchandise at a fraction of the price, sometimes even 50-90% off. You can find information about current sample sales online, for example on this website.

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Girls’ Day Trip to Fire Island / Babski Wypad na Fire Island

DSC_0273 copy

Today was one of the most beautiful days of this summer. I spent it in the company of my two girlfriends. Of course we had a great time, as usual on ‘girls only’ trips :).

Fire Island is a unique and charming place located only an hour away by car and half an hour away by ferry from NYC. It is an ideal spot to relax and unwind not only because it is beautifully situated but also because cars are prohibited on the island. Read the rest of this entry »

Bohemian Accents / Cyganskie Akcenty


This summer I fell in love with the Gypsy style and I am starting to introduce to my wardrobe pieces  and accessories in Boho style.

In my opinion, today’s experiment with the hat and the bag with fringe like from the Gypsy Camp is quite interesting. The look is easy and comfortable but also mysterious. Brands like Free People or Spell and the Gypsy Collective offer new and unique prints and designs. Both brands mix and match fabrics with different textures which results in intriguing combinations. Colorful fabrics, various leather textures, rich prints and addition of all kinds of lace ideally reflect the Bohemian style, which is easily visible and ubiquitous on the streets of New York.


Z wielkiej milosci tego lata do cyganskiego stylu zaczynam powoli wprowadzac do mojej garderoby dodatki i ubrania w stylu Boho.

Eksperyment z kapeluszem i torba z fredzlami  “z cyganskiego taboru” chyba wyszedl calkiem niezle ;-). Jest luzno i wygodnie, a zarazem tajemniczo. Marki takie jak Free People czy Spell and the Gypsy Collective zaskakuja coraz to ciekawszymi wzorami. Laczenie tkanin o roznych fakturach w przypadku obydwu firm nie jest niczym zaskakujacym. Kolorystyka tkanin, faktury skor oraz bogate wzornictwo wszelkiego rodzaju koronek idealnie odzwierciedlaja styl bohemy, co z reszta widac na kazdym kroku na ulicach Nowego Jorku.

Hat / Kapelusz – Free People

Bag / torba – Free People

Shirt / Koszula – J Crew

Shorts / Szorty – Abercrombie

Shoes / Buty – Levi’s







DSC_0224Photos by Maggie Sekowska


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