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Look of Living

Modern Interior Ideas for the Room

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What is home? Home is not the four walls but what you create within them. It’s the place where you can relax, feel comfortable and peaceful.

We spend most of our time at home in the living room with a sofa as a centre piece. I chose great quality fabric or leather sofas in classic, toned colors: conservative black, steel gray and soft white.

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Lazy Tuesday


Day off. It was supposed to be a huge winter storm. Everything was closed: Metro, buses, schools and work too;-).  It snows as much as on the average winter day in Poland, no crackling frost, strong winds or snowdrifts. But almost noone went to work because it was simply closed.

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French Accent in NY – Beret in main role


The style of Parisian women is associated with incredible class and skillful merging of styles. In my opinion, no one  can so perfectly select the headgear. Well, maybe except The British women in Asscott;-). Beret – the small, French accent has been on my shopping list for some time. A beret, combined with a flared coat and black leather gloves, creates a comfortable and elegant outfit. Women have started wearing it only in the twentieth century and it became an expression of their emancipation. Until then it used to be a masculine gadget.

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Exploring Brooklyn – Bellocq Tea Atelier


On a rainy day there is nothing better than a cup of hot tea in good company. On Sunday afternoon I went with my friends to explore Brooklyn in search of little-known, magical places filled with artistic and bohemian atmosphere. We discovered Bellocq Tea Atelier – fine tea showroom decorated in a warm, cozy and homey style. Upon entering we felt as if we were transported to a fantasy and intimate world filled with scent of exotic tea blends.

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Gray with Black Perfect Match


The day was unseasonably mild. The weather was so warm, that I could easily put on a light leather jacket, instead of a big coat and I could get rid of a hat and gloves : -) .

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New Year’s Eve in Vermont


I spent New Year’s in an outstanding scenery, the way I’ve always wanted: in the mountains, skiing and in front of the fireplace. Mount Snow is a small resort in Vermont. From New York City, it is only 3.5 hours away by car. In a picturesque wooden house, situated in the forest we spent a few days away from the bustle of the city, surrounded by nature and snow;-). Conditions for skiing were perfect, only air temperature was so low that I had to wear two jackets.

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New Year’s Eve Party Outfit Ideas


Let’s welcome the New Year in style.

It’s probably the only day in the year when I do not have to be afraid that I am exaggerating with accessories or overly flashy clothes. Sequins, stones, gold and silver colors and glitter are indispensable parts of New Year’s Eve outfit. On this day wearing a top with sequins, gold pants and brocade shoes will be the best choice. The more sparkle and embellishment, the better. Richly decorated jewelry or stone-studded clutch will add sparkle  and festive accent to even a modest outfit.

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“Once Upon a Time”


Christmas passed so quickly. With full bellies, after many days of celebrations and overeating, we are slowly coming back to reality;-). We will still be celebrating New Year’s Eve and the Carnival – the time of fun and parties with friends.

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Christmas Lemon Tart

christmas lemon tart butter sugar flour eggs

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Stuffed Baby Peppers with Quinoa & Mashrooms


This year, I’ve decided to add something original to the traditional Christmas dishes and invented a healthy dish by myself;-). Something small that would be an excellent addition to your Christmas fish dish or cabbage with mushrooms.

Extremely easy to prepare, delicious and very healthy stuffed peppers.

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