Look of Living

Look of Living

Pink is the New Black


I’ve never suspected that I will ever fall in love in the pink color. In the past you couldn’t find even one  item in this color in my closet. Nowadays, on the other hand, it is one of my favorites and I wear it often.

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New Folk Style


When deciding to emmigrate, we abandon some of our traditions and habits, often surrendering to a new, unknown and very intriguing way of life. Mixed cultures and customs after some time become ours, and various holidays, which we didn’t know before leaving our own country – are becoming the traditions we begin to celebrate as well. For me it is a very interesting experience and it has become commonplace, but I remember, maybe even more than ever, about the values ​​that I was taught in childhood, as well as the unique Polish traditions and culture.

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Sporty Look on a Boardwalk


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Polish Version of Crêpes


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Over Knee Boots & Ripped Shorts


For a long time I was thinking about buying long, above-the-knee boots, very fashionable this fall season. Before I decided on those that are featured on the pictures, I made thorough research ;-). I wanted them to be flat-heeled and comfortable, so I could wear them everyday – I was lucky :-). I found them in the Free People store and they were on sale!!! Long, suede, in a neutral color: they will be a great addition to my autumn styled. I assure you, you will see them again on my blog :-).

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Goodbye Summer


The end of the summer is coming step by step. The evenings have been a little cooler, the days are already much shorter, and the leaves on the trees begin to turn yellow and red.

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Lemon Rockin’


Ostensibly plain black ripped jeans and chambray button down shirt paired with shoes and handbag  in vibrant yellow color make the whole outfit stand out.

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Summer Essentials


That was a great girls’ trip to the Long Island. During the day we were tanning on the beach and in the evening we explored Long Island small towns with their cute marinas. Basic, light white cotton dress with delicate embroidery is perfect for the summer heat. Additionally, gladiator style sandals are a ‘must-have’ this season. The statement, leather sandals are ideal for strolling around the townand casual dinning out.

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Bohemian Rhapsody


For a few years I’ve been inspired by boho style in my summer outfits. Casual, comfortable, full of colors and various patterns, also often combined with lace and embroidery, and excessive jewelry all create unique gypsy outfits. A work of art that can easily be created with little effort. Brass necklaces, bracelets and earrings are characteristic accents in this style. The fusion of two styles: boho and indigenous inhabitants of America, is more and more common trend even in the middle of a crowded city.

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4th of July Picnic


This year I decided to spend Independence Day in the city, without out-of-town trips or outings with friends . Recently I was busy at work and tired and the only thing I wanted to do was relax on the couch and walk in the park. City parks are the only opportunity for a breath of fresh air in the New York metropolitan area .  Lately, picnics are a frequent form of spending free time with my friends :-). Time passed very pleasantly in a good company and in anticipation of the fireworks display. For this occasion I chose a feminine white, embroidered dress, and light beige flats.

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