Look of Living

Look of Living

Sunday Look


Last month was probably the craziest month in the year. It was not easy to combine all the responsibilities. As a result, I somewhat neglected the blog entries. I apologize for that and  promise to make up for it as best as I can : -) .

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Homemade Body Scrub & Oil


I always associate the transition period between winter and spring with the dry skin, not only on the face but also on the body. Dry, sometimes even scaly skin is a sign of lack of adequate hydration, vitamins and minerals. Cold air outside, hot and dry air at home is certainly not helping to maintain proper moisture in the skin.

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Lake Tahoe Ski Gateaway


The trip to California was the long-awaited ski getaway. I was busy at work so I did not have too much time for packing and preparation. Everything, as usual, at the last minute. The most important were skis, pants and ski jacket, a helmet, as well as a swimsuit because it was that obvious that in our rented house there will be jackuzzi:-).

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Ripped Jeans Outfit


After quite a long break (over a week) it is time for spring outfits. After returning from a vacation, in I was greeted by spring in New York City. The sunny days encourage to leave the house and go for walks after work, and to take off the winter coats, hats and boots for more springy ones. I had promised myself to incorporate more colors in my wardrobe. Today’s post is still in toned shades but starting from the next I’ll try to add more bright colors.

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Festing with Chia – Delicate, Chocolate, Vegan Pudding


This pudding with a delicate flavor and a lot of chocolate is my suggestion for this past Sunday instead of baked goods. Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free and totally delicious dessert, which we can be eaten without guilt as often as you want:-).

For the preparation of 4 desserts you will need:

1 cup of chia seeds

1 liter of coconut milk

4 tablespoons unsweetened cocoa 100%

1 cup grated coconut or flakes

1/2 cup raw cocoa nibs

1/4 cup coconut covered in dark chocolate

Mix the coconut milk with cocoa so that there are no lumps. Add chia seeds and mix. Cover and put in the fridge for at least 2 h. After this time, put pudding in cups and sprinkle with grated coconut, raw cocoa flakes and coconut covered in chocolate. Serve immediately.

Enjoy :-)




Cold & Sunny Day at Park Slope


Quiet Saturday without major plans. A regular day off is a time to run errands and do shopping.

After a long and hard week I did not feel like going out of town, and the cold weather didn’t encourage me to spend time outdoors. Today, even the beloved skis were not tempting. Or maybe I am already dreaming about spring ?! :-)

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Khaki & Rouge


The past weeks weren’t very pleasant in terms of the weather. A thick fur-lined jacket, hat and gloves were an indispensable part of an outfit for each day. There has been a deficit of sun, that is why I was glad when I looked out the window in the morning. The temperature has increased, which encouraged me to go out for a walk. I can say that fuchsia color has found its way to my closet, between my lovely grays and black. Especially now, after a long winter, I feel like I want to wear vivid and bright colors more and more often.

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Skin Types – How to Identify your Skin Type

DSC_4200 3

Many of us often ask themselves “what else can I do to make my skin look good and healthy?”

 “I apply creams, masks, wash my face twice a day, and my skin is still either dry and has unhealthy color, or shiny with pimples, or has lost its tightness and I begin to see fine lines and dark circles under my eyes”

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Think Pink


A surprise dinner with friends? 20 minutes to get ready and you still do not know what to wear?

I do not know about you but it happens to me very often. Then I am running like crazy around the house trying to create some outfit. I always say that a black, classic dress and black high heels are basic things that every one of us should have in her closet. It is the easiest to combine with other colors and accessories. I added a pale pink coat bought on sale at Club Monaco. For some time I’ve been planning to buy a cocoon cut coat but I couldn’t decide which color will be most versatile. In the end, however, I ended up choosing pale pink and I think it was the right choice.

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Fat Thursday – Donuts Recipe



1 cup of milk (warm but not hot)

50 gram fresh yeast

3 tbs powdered sugar

50o gram white flour

1 pinch of salt

1 tbs vanilla sugar

4 tbs butter ( melted and cooled down )

4 yolks

1 egg

2 tbs of vodka

1 jar of plum jam

About 40 oz of coconut oil


In a small container mix yeast with powdered sugar until liquid and add 1 tbs of flour and milk. Put it on a side and cover with paper towel for about 15 min. Let it rise.

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